# Minimum Requirements

We recommend that you meet the following minimum requirements on your server or workstation.

These take into account a standard deployment - If you are planning on sending or receiving high volumes of data, please contact our support team prior to installation to ensure you have an optimal setup.

# System Requirements

Item Requirement
Operating System Windows 7 (or above),
macOS 10.15 (or above),
Ubuntu 16 (or other similar flavour)
CPU 2.0 Ghz or higher x64
Memory 1.5GB or higher (avaliable to Nimbus)
Free disk space 10GB

# Network Requirements

No inbound ports are required, however the following outbound ports are necessary:

  • TCP/80
  • TCP/443
  • TCP/7844

If you are planning on implementing IP based restrictions, please contact our support team for our enterprise level plan to access this information.